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The majority of communities bearing the brunt of unsafe drinking water are poor, rural, or disadvantaged; unable to invest in or sustain proper water treatment systems or upgrading decrepit water infrastructure that contributes to their water problems.

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NBC Bay Area: "Nearly a Million Californians Exposed To Pesticide Chemical Linked To Cancer in Their Drinking Water"

"Up to 1 million Californians, mostly in the farming communities of the Central Valley, have dangerous levels of an unregulated chemical linked to cancer in their drinking water, according to California’s State Water Board data. Now, the state is considering a legal maximum contaminant level for the chemical."

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"California Water Board representative Maria Herrera is working with the Valley’s rural communities to secure funding for technical advancements and overall improvement of the state water systems."

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NY Times: "Q. and A.: Xavier Becerra on Immigration, ‘Calexit’ and More"

"So when it comes to defending California’s rigorous standards for clean and safe drinking water, I’m ready. And I won’t wait until a catastrophe happens. If our state agencies which handle that oversight fall short, then I will consider using my independent authority under the California Constitution to investigate and prosecute violators of our clean water laws."

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SF Weekly: "Drinking Water Crisis Brewing in California"

"The drinking water crisis of Flint, Michigan may be happening again, right here in California. That’s the assessment of the State Water Resources Control Board, who note that approximately 400 communities in California have water that does not meet safe drinking standards."

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Water Online: "California Advocates Push For Contaminated Water Fund"

"The eight-county San Joaquin Valley has some of the most contaminated aquifers in the nation: 92 drinking water systems in the San Joaquin Valley had a well with nitrate levels above the legal limit from 2005 to 2008, potentially affecting the water quality of approximately 1.3 million residents."

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NBC LA. "Map: Schools At Greatest Risk For Lead In Water"

"School districts across the County are requesting water testing after dangerous levels of lead were discovered at a San Ysidro elementary school. Health experts say the schools most likely to have unsafe levels of lead in drinking water are those built before 1986."

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SAN DIEGO TRIBUNE: "California's poor hit hardest by unsafe drinking"

"Children are especially at risk. As many as one in four schools in the Central Valley have been impacted by unsafe drinking water. Some must spend their limited funding — meant for books and teachers and pens and paper — on bottled water and to install porta potties."

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